Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oh also almost forgot, I'd like to compose a handmade card swap. I live in Illinois so I'd like to do the Great Lakes area I.e. Illinois,Indiana,Michigan,Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Newyork,Pennsylvania, and the Canadian province of Ontario Canada!
I would like to partner up and have you send just one card a month to your partner. I will randomly post at the end of each month a theme and I'd like you to send a handmade(not store bought) card made by you to your partnr based on my theme. You incur the shipping charges once a month, one card sent. Card must be sent within 30 days of my post of the theme and post a picture of the card you receive to my e-mail Floraldeziner2@hotmail.com.
Any interest in this from my Great Lakes region fans and handmade card makers please e-mail me at address listed above.
I'd Like to start the exchange in January.
Thanks, look forward to your feedback kind of excited

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